Statute approved by the Administrative Board of the members of OSA on the 26th of September of 2011.


It is constituted in Mendrisio, on the basis of the Article 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code, a non-profit

and non-political student Association called: “OSA Organizzazione Studenti Accademia”.


/OSA is an independent, multicultural, multilingual, multiracial and religiously neutral Association.

/OSA is a non-political Association where no kind whatsoever of propaganda is done.

/OSA is a non-profit Association. Every economical income is reinvested for the organization of the events.


The Association uses the name OSA to manifest in the most direct way its own identity.

The ambition is to create a didactical relationship with the Accademia, taking advantage of this big

platform such as it is, in order to encourage the open flow of information, inputs, criticism as well as the

tools needed to enrich our knowledge.

/OSA has the intention of sustaining the students of the Accademia for any kind of projects, for proposing

and realizing ideas, concepts and/or inspirations. In doing this, a wider net of opinions is created

facilitating the fluidity of information exchange because we believe there is an important critical potential

which has become stronger over the years.


/ Participate to the drafting of the independent newspaper Universo created by the students of USI in

order to keep the students of the Accademia informed regarding current affairs of the university as well as

outside affairs.

/ To organize competitions for students which involve different areas of interest that interrelate with


/ Organize sets of six-monthly or annual conference cycles with a specific subject. The conferences are

organized in an informal environment where the guests invited may tell us their stories, illustrating their

points of views and insights of their profession.

/ To organize debates and moments of reflection where students may participate confronting themselves

with other points of view.

/ To organize expositions of different artistic disciplines in the hallways of the Turconi Building.

/ To undertake every action considered legal to achieve its goal.


Members /

OSA is open to every student of the Accademia di Architettura of Mendrisio.

/ One may become a member of OSA with a simple registration which involves the notification of one’s

personal data.

/ The enrollment to the Association “Organizzazione Studenti Accademia” is open and free of charge.

/ Anyone who shares the goals and means of the Association and shows the will to promote them may

become a member. The Board of Administration has the right to choose the adherence of a member with

a prior judgment of the requests. Therefore, the Board has the right to decline the request for becoming a

member, without indicating the motivations, on the basis of the Article 72 of the Swiss Civil Code.

/ OSA is an Association which does not believe in hierarchies. We have an administrative structure which is

used only for bureaucratic procedures because we believe that among students there should not be roles

or preferences, thus anyone who participates should have the same rights and possibilities.

/ OSA is an Association which believes in open source information, therefore we choose not to give

preferential treating.


The structure of the Administrative Board of the Association is composed as followed:

/The general assembly: is constituted by all members.

/ The committee:  is constituted by the student representatives, a minimum of five and a maximum of 12 members elected by the General Assembly with an annual charge.

/ The president: elected by the Committee, with an annual charge.

/ The secretary: elected by the Committee, with an annual charge.

/ The treasurer: elected by the Committee, with an annual charge.


During the academic year 2010/2011 the activity of the Association OhOrganize was terminated by the decision of the founding members. With the beginning of the academic year 2011/2012 the new Association OSA is founded and enriched by new members and new inspirations with the main purpose of keeping to the intentions above mentioned.

Starting September of 2011 the Association OSA is considered active by the above mentioned procedures.

Accademia di Architettura, 6850, Mendrisio, CH


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